4th Resource Corporation is a Canadian energy company focused on exploring for and developing geothermal energy projects that lift up the surrounding economies in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. 4th Resource was born out of oil and gas exploration by those professionals who, through decades of experience, honed their skills developing energy projects around the world but saw missed opportunities and energy development synergies that the current generation of energy companies did not. By combining this know-how with local and domestic geothermal expertise, 4th Resource’s approach to energy development results in a sum greater than the parts.


From the East African Rift to the Alberta sedimentary basin, 4th Resource seeks international and domestic energy projects that have the best combination of resource quality and market demand. Areas where energy demand is currently under or unsustainably supplied and where abundant geothermal resources exist is our focus. We develop projects holistically using combined heat and power with an eye for colocated and complimentary revenue sources and local infrastructure synergies.


Advanced technology and computing power are unlocking new ways of doing things and allowing the emergence of efficiencies and ideas that were unimaginable only a few years ago. With a better understanding of our cumulative impact on the planet, our objective is to build on existing knowledge, technology and energy systems to solve the energy challenges for an energy hungry society. 4th Resource Corporation pays homage to the past while looking to the future.


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